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All of our black dyes are in the range VS (Vinyl Sulfone). The base being the Reactive Black 5.

We guaranty that all of our products are 100% stable, from the shade to the solubility, for minimum 1 year.

On request, a certificate of analysis may be issued for each order.

Here you will find our recommendations of industrial uses in PDF format:

BLENDWELL does not make the dye solution formatting.

Our popular products are :

  • Blendazol Black B liq 50% (navy blue shade)
  • Blendazol Black N liq 75% (deep black)
  • Blendazol Black CCN liq (deep black)

However we have more than twenty different black shades, from black nuanced of red to black with more green, according to our customers needs.

We synthetize our dyes from organic raw materials purchased in Asia.